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New material used in molar extraction sites optimizes bone regeneration

     An article in the Journal of Oral Implantology introduces a new, more advanced method for tooth extraction that prevents infection and maximizes bone regeneration. The most commonly used treatment for post extraction regeneration has been a combination of acellular dermis matrix (ADM), a type of bone regenerating material that uses cadaveric tissue with all of the cells removed, and different grafting procedures.

     However, there has been no solid histologic data or microscopic tissue samples to prove that this regeneration is working properly.

     A case series examines a new ADM replacement material called decellularized dermis matrix (DDM) that combines with mineralized cancellous bone allograft (MCAB), guides the regeneration of bone to allow for a more stable replacement of the implant. This method has a higher regeneration percentage and supports a more stable future implant site than previous therapies.

     Tissue samples were examined both microscopically and using 3D imaging. A minimum of 12 weeks post extraction, the study found that none of the molar extractions had developed infections. A loss of bone volume was also prevented, allowing for optimal implant placement and stability.

Source: Read the article here!